RFSO Acquires RestaurantGuide.com

The highly marketable domain name RestaurantGuide.com was acquired by Jacob Zimmerman on Friday, January 14, 2005. It is reported that Zimmerman had a long term lease agreement with exclusive option to buy for a few years. The current website indicates plans for Zimmerman to develop a new world-class restaurant guide providing high quality content. The restaurant guide is said to be “integrity” based. “I want to add value for restaurant owners. None of the sites online are trying to do that. Everyone is trying to make money. I am too; but I’m more concerned with how the site functions and is developed,” said Zimmerman. 

Zimmerman has been acquiring restaurant domain names for the last six years and has reportedly purchased three others on the secondary market, including RestaurantExchange.com, RestaurantBrokers.com, and RestaurantsWeekly.com which are all in line with his plans of expanding on the niche development.

Written by Restaurants For Sale Online

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