Restaurants For Sale Online Successful Partnership

Restaurant Realty Company and Restaurants For Sale Online have formed a partnership which has resulted in Restaurant Realty Company having the most comprehensive internet marketing program for sellers. This has ultimately resulted in many completed transactions. Today internet marketing is essential in that over sixty percent of buyer activity is generated through online inquiries. Our partnership has produced many closed transactions due to the broad exposure of Restaurant Realty Company’s listings on both its own website, and Restaurant For Sale Online’s website,
Restaurant Realty Company participates as a featured broker on Restaurants For Sale Online’s homepage which generates hundreds of thousands of listing views for Restaurant Realty Company each year in addition to the thousands of unique buyers directed to Restaurants For Sale Online draws thousands of unique buyers per day to its website partially a result of its top positions in Google. Yahoo, AOL, Alta Vista, MSN and other major search engines for relevant key phrases. As of November 21, 2005, Restaurants For Sale Online ranked #1 in Google, the Yahoo Directory, MSN and AOL for “restaurants for sale” as well as top positioning for other strategic phrases in most of the major search engines.

The highest ranking sites in the search engines generate the most buyer activity as buyers give these sites the highest viewing priority. It is important to note that over 28 million results are found when Googling the key phrase “restaurants for sale” and Restaurants For Sale Online has historically ranked #1 for the majority of relevant searches over the past 6 years in Google.

Restaurant Realty’s internet marketing program provides broad exposure to potential buyers throughout the world which allows Restaurant Realty sellers to have the best chance to get the maximum price for their businesses in a timely basis. Restaurant Realty Company has accumulated thousands of registered buyers in its database as a result of its internet marketing and online partnership activity. Additionally all Bay Area registered buyers on Restaurants For Sale Online website, receive automatic email updates each time a new listing is activated. It is common for us to receive a phone call or email inquiry within one hour of posting a new listing in the Restaurants For Sale Online system as many people are just waiting for the right opportunity to turn up.

If you want to have the broadest exposure you should consider listing your business or restaurant real estate with Restaurants For Sale Online, and if you are located in the Bay Area, list with Restaurant Realty Company, California’s Largest Restaurant Business Brokerage.


Written by Steven Zimmerman - Restaurant Realty Company

Disclaimer: The information in our articles has been provided by Restaurant Realty Company in collaboration with Restaurants For Sale Online. Restaurant Realty Company and Restaurants For Sale Online assumes no responsibility for decisions made by buyers, sellers or other parties to any transaction. Information has been provided based on experience and research. The results of various articles and studies reflect such information. Restaurant Realty Company and Restaurants For Sale Online assumes no responsibility for pricing or recommendation of pricing to any of our users. If you are interested in buying a business, Restaurants For Sale Online, LLC recommends you do your own due diligence to verify the source of any information provided to you by a seller and/or intermediary. If you are interested in selling your business, Restaurants For Sale Online recommends you contact an intermediary that specializes in transactions similar to the respective business.